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Out with the Old, In with the New!

So today I did a 24 hour cleanse.  It consisted of me drinking 32 oz of pomegranate juice, eating 2 bowls of brown rice, a HUGE green salad for lunch, and some raw almonds.

I feel a little woozy now–and like I might puke if I see another pomegranate before I die–but I think it’s a good start for these next 30 days.

Oh, and I turned down pie.  No one likes to turn down pie.  But I’m going to have to get good at that over the next month, so go me!


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So What the Hell Am I Supposed to Eat, Anyway?

WARNING: Cursing in this post.  Rated PG-13.

So I did a thing I’m not supposed to do, and weighed myself this morning.  (I know, I’m just supposed to do it once a week.  I couldn’t resist.)

I’m half a pound heavier.  We’ll see if I gain or lose by Sunday.

But it left me wondering…

What the hell am I supposed to be eating?!?!?!

Everywhere I turn, there are mixed signals…eat 1300 calories…eat 2000 calories…eat lots of protein and limit your carbs…make sure you’re eating plenty of carbs…eat often…eat sparingly…

I mean, what’s a girl to do?!

Right now, I’m pretty pissed at myself for ONCE AGAIN–second week in a row now–not really watching what I’ve eaten.  Sure, I’ve been careful with food selection–i.e. fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, etc.–but I haven’t been vigilant about tracking portions.

It’s just such a pain in the ass to weigh and measure everything out!  That’s where I’m getting stuck!  I eat as I work for most of the day…just get up and grab a little here and a little there (doesn’t help ONE BIT that I work IN MY EFFING KITCHEN)…and it takes time and energy and conscious effort to get out the scale and measuring cups, input the numbers into SparkPeople, and make the right decisions as a result.

But shit.  That’s what I get for stuffing my face with crap and watching 4 hours of TV a night for the past 2 years.

If I want to lose 40 pounds, I have to stop pretending that I’m in “maintenance” mode and move into “hard work, conscious effort, specific plan” mode.

Damn, it’s harder than it looks.

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Weighty Confessions

There is one curse word in this post and talk of boobs.  Rated PG.

All right, you wanna know the truth?

I used to be slender and fit.


Exhibit A. Katie in a weird play with weird pants...but looking very trim


Exhibit B. Katie in Peru getting ready to find herself a hot Latin lover

Now…not s’much.  😦


Exhibit C. Suddenly flabby Katie showing off her backside


Exhibit D. Hey! Look at me! I gained 40 pounds!

For a long time, I tried hiding.  Pretended the problem didn’t exist.  And it worked…for a while.  At least, it kept it off my mind.  But the funny thing about that approach?  It always tends to make things worse.

So I’m coming clean, publicly.  Admitting the honest-to-goodness truth.

I’m chubby.  Fluffy.  Rotund.  Plump.  Round around the edges.  Hefty.  Portly.  Stout.

I weigh 164.4 pounds.  I wear a size 12-14.  My boobs have blossomed to the point where they almost overflow a DD-size cup. 

In my heyday, I weighed 125 pounds.  Wore a size 6-8.  And my boobs were gorgeous, comfortably supported by a standard D-size cup and complimented quite nicely, I must say, by my small, slender waist.

To fix the problem, I am undergoing a massive transformation.  I’m doing P90X with my flabulous husband, Lanny.  I’m eating more proteins and less carbs.  Drinking more water and less soda.  Taking fewer trips to the drive-through and more trips to the gym.

And every Sunday, I’ll come here–to hold myself accountable and update you on my progress.  I may also share my journey during the rest of the week, including triumphs, failures, observations, and lessons learned…but you can count on at least a Sunday update.  So stay tuned…

COMMENT CHALLENGE: Please feel free to call me names in this week’s comments section, like fatty or McHusky Ass.  The very cleverest name will win a special prize…

Also, if you’re looking to drop a few pounds and are blogging about it–or want to–let me know and I will include a link to your blog from mine for inspiration!

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